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A Taste of Cilento

Nestled in the Mediterranean scrub and just a few steps from the sea of Cilento, Il Colle del Corsicano is a dream come true born out of my love for this land.

Ours is an organic farm with a strong focus on the values of our territory.

The vineyards are located in two different areas. The cellar and the historic vineyard are situated in San Marco di Castellabate, where we cultivate native red grape varieties such as Aglianico and Primitivo.

In the picturesque Punta Licosa, instead, we have planted a vineyard overlooking the sea. Here, we cultivate Fiano, from which we produce white wines characterized by great freshness and persistence.

The importance of the territory is also reflected in our approach, which considers wine production as a practice that embraces everything around it, from breathtaking landscapes to the rich traditions of the area, to the emotions we want to convey.

“As a winemaker, I consider myself a guardian of the land. My goal is to preserve biodiversity to ensure that everyone can appreciate the beauty of my territory through a glass of wine.”

Alferio Romito, Founder of “Il Colle del Corsicano

The Origins

My roots in the vineyard

My name is Alferio Romito and my passion for winemaking began when I was a child.

I loved running through the rows surrounded by the Mediterranean scrub and every summer I looked forward to the grape harvest season.

That moment represented great joy and excitementfor me because I could finally contribute, in my own way, to the activities of our family winery. What I enjoyed most was descending into the vat to retrieve the fermented grape pomace, ready for pressing. I liked watching the juice flow from the press carved into the rock. Even today, I jealously preserve that large stone on which the press is mounted.

A dream, A Journey

My love for the world of wine has turned into a dream: having my own winery. Although I come from a family with a four-generation history of winemaking, I wanted to introduce a type of wine that could express the vision I had in mind.

My journey began at the age of 14 when I planted my first vineyard.

Since then, I have dedicated my life to realizing my dream, studying and experimenting among my vineyards.

After completing my diploma as an Agricultural Technician, I enrolled in the Viticulture and Enology faculty at the University of Naples (Federico II) and completed my studies with a Master’s degree in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies.

In 2013, I launched Il Colle del Corsicano, and in 2017, I began with my first vintage.

After some research, I chose this name because it represents the ancient name of the place where we are located.

Over the years, our wine production has grown from half a hectare to a total of about 4 hectares. I handle most activities myself, from pruning to tastings. I handle most activities myself, from pruning to tastings.

Despite the hard work, what I do makes me happy: my natural habitat is in the vineyard, surrounded by the beauty of Cilento.

I love being in touch with the vineyard, the aroma of the wines in the cellar…this is what I call my ‘wine habitat’.

Taste Cilento

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