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Are you a restaurant owner, a distributor, or a wine operator?

Here's why you should choose Colle del Corsicano wines for your business:

Authenticity of Cilento

In a glass of our wine, you can taste our entire region, from the warm Cilento breeze to the waves of the sea just a few steps from our vineyards.

Organic Wines

Our production is entirely organic. This shows our commitment to respecting the land and offering authentic wines.

FIVI Winemaker

Each bottle tells the story of my dream and passion. I personally dedicate myself to every phase of the process, from tending the vines to the cellar work.


Our wines are extremely versatile and balanced. They adapt perfectly to various occasions, from aperitifs with friends to memorable ceremonies.

Flexibility and Personal Contact

We are always available to meet the needs of our customers and resolve any issues as quickly as possible. Furthermore, direct and personal contact is essential to us because we believe that meeting "face to face" is the key to building strong and lasting relationships.

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