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We grow our grapes organically, because we strongly believe in our territory and its conservation.

We enrich the soil with organic substances and minerals from spontaneous vegetation or by selecting plant species suitable for the needs of our soils. Our vineyards, as well as olive groves, are entirely covered with vegetation, which is crucial for protecting the soil from erosion and high summer temperatures, which have been steadily increasing in recent years. By doing so, we preserve microfauna and organic matter.

To protect the plants, we only use organic products that do not harm the environment or the health of those who consume our products.

Our white wine comes from vineyards located in Punta Licosa, within the protected marine area of Santa Maria di Castellabate,  in the Cilento National Park, Vallo di Diano, and Alburni, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

 Here, we are dedicated to preserving both the marine and terrestrial environment, safeguarding the local flora and fauna. 

This area is also rich in history and legends.. For instance, this is where the story of the Odyssey’s three sirens takes place. One of them, Leucosia, lured sailors from the Tyrrhenian Sea with her enchanting song, trapping them without any way out.

Our Fiano del Cilento is deeply rooted in the local tradition. It’s no coincidence that it’s called Licosa, derived from the Greek Leukosia, meaning ‘white’.

“Our wines don’t need a lot of words. The varietal expression in the vineyard and our conservative winemaking practices make Il Colle del Corsicano wines truly authentic.”

Alferio Romito, Founder of “Il Colle del Corsicano